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If you have an agility dog, a hunting dog, or a best pal, we can help them become fit and strong. Let us help you improve and maintain your pet’s fitness, comfort, and mobility.

Your pet will get to use our gym equipment, pool, outdoor areas, and may benefit from other rehabilitation modalities including massage, e-stim, and microcurrent applications. We believe in the power of proper stretching and therapeutic exercise. Our goal is to help return your animals to an improved level of comfort, mobility, and strength so they can be happier and more active family members.

Step #1

Assessment – An evaluation of your dog’s history & activities, along with an evaluation of structure, gait, and flexibility. We measure the joint’s ranges of motion as well as the thickness of major muscles. There is continual reassessment throughout therapy with a thorough review and new measurements every thirty days.

Step #2

Treatment – An individual program is developed based on the results of the initial assessment. Clinic treatments are combined with homework (simple stretches or exercises) to enhance the overall therapy.

Step #3

Conditioning – As a follow-up to rehab or by itself, conditioning fitness involves exercises: swimming, treadmills, and special core strengthening work. Therapeutic exercises are tailored to meet individual needs.


Military and Police Discounts – Thank you for your service!

We offer client discounts for all active duty, retired Police, and military dogs!

Our pets are part of our family and K9 Strong will treat them like family members. If your furry friends need attention with their health, we can help. At K9 Strong, we offer a wide variety of physical therapy services: Dog Rehabilitation, Dog Conditioning, Cat-Dog Weight Loss and Aquatic Therapy.

Dog Rehabilitation

Dog Rehabilitation will help your dog recover faster from surgery. Early rehabilitation is proven to lead to a stronger recovery. Every animal and every injury is unique and the recovery process is unique as well. Some of the most common canine physical rehabilitation cases involve post-op cruciate surgery, post-op elbow dysplasia, hip dysplasia, degenerative joint disease (Arthritis), disc disease, soft tissue trauma, chronic diseases, and amputations. Research indicates that muscle loss begins only 72 hours after stifle surgery if the limb is immobile without early rehab. It is very important that canine physical therapy starts as soon as possible. At K9 Strong, we will work with your veterinarian to determine the best rehab plan for your pet. We will assess your dog’s progress and continue to assess throughout the rehab process to achieve the best possible outcome.
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Dog Conditioning

Dog Conditioning will benefit your dog’s health in many ways. Canine conditioning can help improve your dog’s cardiovascular fitness, mobility, strength, weight, and overall health, leading to greater longevity. We help sport dogs get ready for competition or working season and geriatric or overweight dogs loose the pounds and gain mobility and general fitness. Dogs that gain condition are healthier, happier, and more active pets. Who knows, you may enjoy improving your own condition along with him!
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Cat – Dog Weight Loss

Cat or dog weight loss is a very important part of your pet’s health. Overweight pets are a significant problem. After a thorough evaluation by your veterinarian, K9 Strong will develop a weight loss plan that is specific for your dog or cat. We look at your dog’s medical history, age, breed, gender and activity level to determine the best possible weight loss plan. An important factor is the household activities, and considering how best to make this a family affair without putting undue stress on everyone. We want to work with you, not give you another set of chores! We will also devise an activity plan and evaluate low calorie food options that will help get your pet to their correct weight – and keep him there.
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Dog Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic Therapy is very important in the rehabilitation process. Aquatic therapy is a great way to help your overweight dog lose weight, exercise muscles and gain cardiovascular fitness without stressing their joints. We have two aquatic therapy dog pools at our rehabilitation center. One pool has a walk down ramp that will help dogs get in and out with minimal stress. We use this pool for swimming laps and exercising recovering injuries. The other pool is a wading doggie pool that helps with resistance walking for small and medium sized breeds, and puppy confidence in the water. Canine Aquatic Therapy is the ideal way to burn calories, lose weight and maintain fitness without the threat of heat exhaustion in our humid summers, and without the pounding on bones and joints that high energy dogs are prone to cause themselves.
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If you would like your dog to be K9 Strong, contact us today. You can find us on line at Healthy dogs are happy dogs!

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